deCODING the Future


 Gaia Platform is addressing the next big computing wave:
Autonomous Machines.

In a blink, we will be surrounded by self-directed computers operating as delivery
drones, autochefs, autonomous breathing machines, air taxis, and more.

Autonomous machines will require an enormous amount of exceptionally new
software. To address this, Gaia Platform is developing a new application paradigm that
will finally make programming more productive and easier than it’s ever been.

The Gaia Platform will empower programmers to help companies rapidly innovate
and bring new autonomous machines to market.




 Unleashing Possibility

We are opening the AI gateway to an emerging class of intelligent, autonomous apps across industries that will see, understand and act.




 At the Precipice

Gaia Platform is at the cusp of immeasurable opportunity. We exist where programming and innovation intersect. We are redefining the future of database and programming to fuel the next wave of worldwide innovation: Autonomous and intelligent devices.

Today, programming is too hard. It is so hard that many problems can’t be solved with conventional and manual programming. The problem is information overload. Since the beginning of the computer industry each new wave has resulted in ten times as many devices as before.

Not long from now we will be surrounded by autonomous machines. It is not hard to imagine 100B world-wide. For the first time these machines will be carrying out complex activities over long periods of time fundamentally unsupervised and often not connected.

A new platform is required to make it possible to create the applications that make such a world possible. Somebody will need to build this platform. And, it will be unlike any that has come before.

At Gaia Platform, we are assembling the team that will build this platform.


Mehtap Mae Ozkan
David Vaskevitch
Hal Berenson
Tengiz Kharatishvili
Nick Kline
Randall Hopkins



 One of the Few

Great programmers live for the chance to work on a project that will define and change an industry. Gaia Platform is building a highly accomplished, small team of world-class developers. We believe programmers are the innovators of this era. They are defining what the world will look like and how it will function. Gaia Platform is creating a place for visionaries like you who want to reimagine what’s possible on a world-scale.

Join us as we define a new programming environment for the next paradigm of computing.


Autonomous Machines are the future. They are the next big wave. Yet, virtually all the work is still to be done. We are at the beginning of the beginning. At the same time, we believe many others see this future and want to be part of it. If you are planning, designing or building an autonomous machine, please contact us.

Let’s learn from each other. Our hope is that the Gaia Platform can help you build better, more powerful autonomous machines faster.





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