Are you ready for a change?

Gaia Platform is assembling a world-class team. Our people include some of the brightest minds in technology.  Passion and motivation infuse our spirit. As a startup, we are proudly not like the “big box” technology companies you many know. In fact, we think outside the box. We are far from ordinary. Maybe even a little edgy. 

We’re also selective. Our culture is no non-sense. We value agility, innovation, and impact. Our ethos is grounded in respect, honesty, and a focus on getting things done. We trust and take care of each other. Politics are not invited here. 

We reward success and we prove that with our top-of-the-market benefits package.

FAQ: Working at Gaia Platform

Our founding tenets:

  1. People: We align ourselves with people that passionately believe in the company vision.

  2. Approach: We believe that how we achieve our vision is critical. This includes respecting life outside of work.

  3. Fulfillment: We believe that our journey together should be results-focused and rewarding. We believe that our work at Gaia Platform will profoundly impact the industry, and those that help us realize the vision should be rewarded personally and financially.

Where is your office located?
We are in the heart of downtown Bellevue, WA across the street from Bellevue Square in Bellevue Place Building on the corner of NE 8th Street and Bellevue Way NE.    

I am not willing to relocate to the Seattle/Bellevue area, do you hire remote people?
We are primarily looking for those that can work in our HQ Bellevue office.  In rare instances, we will consider remote employees that offer a specialized skill set or whose role would require a great degree of travel.

I am on a sponsored employment visa in the US, can I still work at Gaia?
This really depends on several factors, all of which we are willing to discuss with you.

What is the general profile of someone that would be successful at Gaia Platform?
Successful candidates:

  • Are future-focused and have a strong desire to be part of the next wave of computing

  • Are passionate about solving tough problems

  • Want their work to have an impact on the product

  • Are not content with current solutions, and believe they can have an impact in building a better mousetrap

  • Want to work in a collaborative environment with a small group of very talented people

  • Thrive in nimble, politics-free teams

What opportunities are available at Gaia Platform?
Successful candidates are:

  • Strong C/C++ Developers of all levels of experience that are passionate about creating core database engines

  • Developers/Architects that have created Rules Engines

  • Technologists that have been highly involved in language design and creating developer tools

  • Those that have experience in the working with technical communities, partners and the industry to build relationships and evangelize new technologies

What other characteristics do you look for in future employees?
Successful candidates:

  • Know how to focus on getting the right stuff done

  • Go the extra mile

  • Are not afraid of ambiguity

  • Are a self-starter

  • Collaborate and communicate

  • Ask why are curious 

  • Are not brilliant jerks

Why should I bet on the future success of Gaia Platform?

  • Our Founders have proven history and track record of forward-looking leadership

  • Our team and those we are adding, have a deep understanding of technology, databases and creating solutions

  • We've attracted some amazing talent and will continue to build a world-class team/company from the ground up

  • Challenges don't scare us

What’s the next step if I am interested in discussing a career opportunity at Gaia Platform?

If you have the experience, skill, and characteristics we have described, please send your resume along with a note describing why you have interest in Gaia Platform to