A New Paradigm

Autonomous machines will be powered by Cognitive Applications that perceive, understand, and decide. The Gaia Platform consists of three main engines that accomplish these tasks:

  • Machine Learning: Developed with the leading engines in the industry.

  • A Cognitive Database: Developed by Gaia Platform

  • A Declarative Programming Environment: Developed by Gaia Platform

Gaia Platform is rethinking the role and structure of the database itself. The database and programming environment being built will move data to the center of the programing application paradigm.

Imagine a database that truly unifies graphs and tables. A database built to work directly with applications instead of being separated behind a client / server barrier. A database designed to play a truly active role while sitting at the center of all the applications running inside the autonomous machine.

Declarative Programming, as a complement and alternative to conventional imperative code, has been a dream for decades. Query Processors have proven the value of this model since the 1980s. More recently Neural Networks have replaced millions of lines of code while solving key problems that have been beyond our grasp until now. Gaia Platform will build a third declarative engine that operates in partnership with the QP and the ML environments to replace even more millions of lines of code and solve the otherwise unsolvable problems hindering programming today.